Brides In Love with Green! 簡約靈氣的新娘造型靈感!


Art direction & Text:All About Wedding

Styling : Ho Hing Fun

Photo:Alan Cheung @Alan Cheung Photography

Makeup & Hair:Yumi @Yumi’s makeup & hair

Model:Yvette Chan @ Model Genesis

Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Fox for the wonderful location & Sergio Rossi for the beautiful bridal shoes 

蕾絲露肩婚紗 From La Ceremonie Atelier

閃石垂墜耳環 From Carat

草葉婚禮拱門 From HanaHama Wedding Design

多肉植物手花 From Green Egg Store

透視綴點公主袖婚紗 From La Ceremonie Atelier

玫瑰金色垂墜耳環 From Carat

Kyneska戒指 From Carats

波希米亞風吊帶婚紗 From Something Borrowed Bridal

Victoria頸鍊 From Carat

波希米亞風背心婚紗 From Something Borrowed Bridal

Victoria Stud玫瑰金色耳環 From Carat

香檳粉色高跟鞋 From Sergio Rossi

高領蕾絲婚紗 From Alisha & Lace Hong Kong

Victoria玫瑰金色耳環 From Carat

Victoria手鍊 From Carat

復古風長袖婚紗 From Alisha & Lace Hong Kong

玫瑰金色垂墜耳環 From Carat

多肉植物手花 From Green Egg Store

Source: All About Wedding

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